ATROPHY 3 @ Northern Illinois University (4/28/12)

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Re: ATROPHY 3 @ Northern Illinois University (4/28/12)

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Both tournaments were great. I really liked both BHSAT and ATTACK; they were super well written and I had a lot of fun playing on good questions. I only had a small issue with the time delay because it was a bit tougher for me to get a ride home, but it wasn't too big of a deal. I'm really glad me and my friend found a ride to NIU yesterday - we'll no doubt be doing the same thing next year, hopefully with an actual team. Thanks to Brad and Kristin for getting everything to run so smoothly, and thanks to the moderators for being generally awesome and really good readers. :)
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Re: ATROPHY 3 @ Northern Illinois University (4/28/12)

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I'm glad to hear that fun was had with the charity doubles. I'd like to thank Adam Silverman for graciously donating the set, and Kristin and Brad for running it in my absence.
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Re: ATROPHY 3 @ Northern Illinois University (4/28/12)

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HF "A" and "B" had a blast with ATROPHY! The questions, moderators and the competition were excellent! Thanks to Brad and Kristin and everyone else for being considerate of the fact that we had to abort the charity tournament, we would have stayed, but it was getting late and our transportation was inflexible. My teammates and I really enjoyed it and hopefully HF (minus me of course) will come again next year (hopefully with a coach)!
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