NKC End of Season Tournament

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NKC End of Season Tournament

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Hello Coaches,

North Kansas City’s Quizbowl Team is excited to announce our first annual End of the Season Tournament, which will take place on March 24th, 2012. This tournament is intended to be a chance for teams in the Kansas City area to play one last tournament before MSHSAA districts. This tournament will use questions from NAQT’s IS-113, which are similar in style to the pyramidal questions that NAQT uses in their MSHSAA state series, so this will be a good chance to prepare for state.

This tournament will use a format similar to that used at our other recent tournaments. There will be 20 tossups in each game, and each correct tossup will have a 30-point rebounding bonus attached to it. Tossups will be worth 10 points normally, but we will have 15 point “powers” for correct early buzzes, and -5 point penalties for interrupts. There will not be calculation tossups, although there will be math calculation bonuses along with non-calculation math questions.

This tournament will be guaranteeing many more matches than usual in the Kansas City area, in part because the 20 tossup game format allows matches to be completed much faster than a MSHSAA format event, and also because consolation matches will be offered to teams who do not make the playoffs. Teams registering for this event will be playing at least 9 games.

This tournament will have an 18 team cap, with spots going on a first-come, first-served basis. This will be a “varsity” event, meaning anybody can play, and we encourage teams to bring along their JV players as B or C teams so they can get more experience playing. We will be instituting a 6-player cap on teams.

Our entry fees are as follows:

$65 for the first team a school enters into the field.
$55 for every additional team a school enters into the field.
-$5 for every buzzer a team brings (maximum of 3)
-$5 for every 100 miles a team travels.

This tournament is being sanctioned by the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance, which is an organization that helps promote and direct quizbowl tournaments around the state. There are other MOQBA-sponsored events being run in Western Missouri which you can find out about at their website, http://moqba.org/calendar/.

This tournament is also going to be one of the few chances in Kansas City this season to qualify the for the 2012 PACE National Scholastics Championship. PACE Nationals are being run in St. Louis this year, on the campus of Washington University from June 8th-9th, making it easier than ever for teams in the area to attend nationals. This tournament will also qualify the top 15% of teams for the 2012 NAQT High School National Championship Tournament in Atlanta, GA over Memorial Day weekend.

If your team is interested in attending, please email [email protected] to register. We hope to see you at Northtown!

-Selena Montes, Tournament Director
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Re: NKC End of Season Tournament

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Even though it's in the calendar link it might be helpful to mention what date the tournament this is in the thread as well
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