Quizmaster Invitational results

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Quizmaster Invitational results

Post by DumbJaques » Mon Oct 25, 2004 6:55 pm

Since our resident Blake webmaster, Mike Braun, is a bit busy right now, I have been encouraged to post the results from the 2004 Quizmaster Invitational Tournament, held at Blake HS in Silver Spring, MD. So, here they are:

Playoff teams* (out of a field of about 30)
1) Richard Montgomery A
2) Walter Johnson
3) Walt Whitman
4) Blair A
5) BCC
6) Paint Branch
7) Rockville
8) Springbrook

* It should be noted that State College A went undeafeated in the prelims last tuesday, to earn the 3rd overall seed, but was unable to make the ardous trip over the mason-dixon line to compete in the playoffs, resulting in every team from 4th-9th place being bumped up.

RM A defated Blair and WJ defeated Whitman in the semis, and RM A edged out a victory in a trully spectacular championship game, decided on a double tiebreaker (problems with the reader caused the first tiebreaker to be replaced). RM at one point led by about 60, but ended up needing to get the last question in regulation just to tie the game. It was certainly one of the absolute best games I have ever seen.

I'm not sure of the result of the Whitman-Blair consolation game (if one did indeed take place), but will edit this post when I have them. Please feel free to post them if you know. The same goes for any 5th-8th consolations games, although I believe some teams left.

Congratulations to all playoff teams

EDIT: Whitman defeated Blair in the consolation
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Post by bigtrain » Mon Oct 25, 2004 7:30 pm

Just to add to DumbJaques' post, the results from the preliminaries, which were held on Tuesday, October 19th, can be found here:http://www.mrblinux.com/keegan/2004/index.html
It should be also noted that State College beat Blair in the preliminaries with a score of 250-210, which indicates that SC probobaly would have finished at least in the top 4. The scores of the semifinal match between Richard Montgomery A(1) and Montgomery Blair(4) was 280-170, and the score of the Walter Johnson A(2) v Walt Whitman(3) game was 320-140.

My team had a great time at this tournament, and we thought Kevin Keegan (and Blake) did a great job hosting. We had some excellent competition in the last game.
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