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8th Hoover Invitational Tournament 10/20/12 - Hoover, AL

Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2012 4:51 pm
by Joshua Rutsky
We are pleased to announce the 8th annual Hoover Invitational Tournament, which will be held this year on Saturday, October 20th at Hoover High School. We hope you will bring your JV and Varsity teams for a day of academic competition and challenge! Once again, we are hoping to provide the very best tournament experience of your year, with three separate fields for competition available so you can pick the one best suited to your team or teams. The Varsity pool is for teams with competition experience and returning players. The Novice division is for teams that may have players in upper grades (11-12), but lack competition experience. A good guideline for such teams is that no member of the team should have played in more than two tournaments previously. A talented novice team is, of course, welcome to play in the varsity bracket! Finally, the JV bracket is for teams made up of students in grades 10 and under, regardless of play experience. Please note that only teams that play in the VARSITY bracket will be eligible for NAQT Nationals based on the results of this event.

Our Varsity tournament this year will be held using NAQT’s IS-120. The Novice and JV pools will play using the SCOP Novice Tournament set for 2012. Sets will be played using 20/20 format—a round will consist of only 20 tossups, with a 3 part bonus question available if the tossup is correctly answered. We will use “powers” and “negs,” meaning a tossup that is answered early can score an extra five points, and an incorrect answer on a buzz during the reading of the question will result in a loss of five points. Rounds move quickly, and teams can expect to complete five rounds before lunch break, plus two more before pool playoffs are held. The playoff format will be based on the number of teams participating, but will likely be a bracketed playoff, although we reserve the right to move to a round-robin format for the top teams if numbers make that reasonable.

The cost per team for the tournament will be $60, with up to two discounts of $5 per working buzzer set provided. Additional teams are $50 each. Teams that need to stay locally overnight will be provided with hotel information on request, and may have their fees waived or drastically reduced. Teams from smaller schools or schools having financial problems may contact me to request fee reductions or two-for-one deals on registration—more teams makes us happier! Lunch will be available on campus this year, which should make everyone’s life easier.

In order to reserve places for your teams (multiples from your school are welcome!), the deadline for registration for this tournament will be OCTOBER 1, 2010. Due to problems in the past with late cancellations, please note that teams that reserve spots and do not withdraw by October 1st will be billed for their entry fee. We will still accept payment at the tournament.

Questions should be directed to Joshua Rutsky at 205-910-4937 or at jrutsky{at} Directions will be sent out to registrants along with roster forms in early October. We look forward to seeing you October 20th!

Re: 8th Hoover Invitational Tournament 10/20/12 - Hoover, AL

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:08 am
by 49-Mile Scenic Drive
I am 100% for sure (pending work letting me off, but we're cutting hours like crazy so there's no reason why they shouldn't) moderating at HIT this year. I can also see if some of my AAQT people at UAH can come as well!

Re: 8th Hoover Invitational Tournament 10/20/12 - Hoover, AL

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 4:45 pm
by Joshua Rutsky
Field update - this is shaping up to be a good event! Still some spots open.

Alma Bryant
American Christian
Brookwood (GA)
Ezell-Harding A (TN)
Ezell-Harding B (TN)
Hume-Fogg (TN)
Indian Springs
Jackson Prep (MS)
James Clemons
John Paul II Catholic
Trinity Presbyterian
Vestavia Hills
Woodford County A (KY)
Woodford County B (KY)

Alma Bryant
Brookwood (GA)
Hartselle A
Hartselle B
Holy Spirit
Hume-Fogg (TN)
JP Catholic II
Woodford County (KY)

James Clemons
Woodford County KY

Re: 8th Hoover Invitational Tournament 10/20/12 - Hoover, AL

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:38 am
by Joshua Rutsky
This event ran smoothly. Congratulations to the top teams:

1.Ezell-Harding A
2. Hume-Fogg
3. Altamont
4. Brookwood

1. Brookwood
2. Woodford County, KY

Full stats will be posted before Monday afternoon.

Re: 8th Hoover Invitational Tournament 10/20/12 - Hoover, AL

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:29 am
by Joshua Rutsky

Re: 8th Hoover Invitational Tournament 10/20/12 - Hoover, AL

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:30 am
by TheDoctor
Any specific comments or complaints about the questions can be sent to [email protected].