Posted on behalf of a CT quiz team coach

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Posted on behalf of a CT quiz team coach

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From the hsqbnet Yahoo! group:

Has ANYONE heard ANYTHING from Yale this year? They've been sponsoring High School tournaments for some time, and doing it pretty well.

However, they haven't updated their website in two years, and I can't seem to get anyone to return e-mails. Have they just dropped off the face of the earth?

I am looking for tournaments in Southern New England or the New York metro area. Anyone got any information they'd like to share?

We're going to Princeton on November 20th and to MIT on March 5th.

I'll look forward to any information you can pass along!


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Yale's tournament will be on February 12. All I know beyond that is that my team is going.
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Post by Shweater »

if anyone knows anything else about the yale tournament (who's running it, their contact info, etc.) could you please pass along the information to me?

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yeah, Yale's BHSAT tournament will be held on Feb. 12. The CT-only hs tournament (FACT) usually held in the fall will be held sometime in April.

Contact Bill Schmedlin at [email protected] or Kyrill Kunakhovich at [email protected] for more information.

Mike Wehrman, Yale

[email protected]