Rules reminder: stop "bumping" tournament announcements

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Rules reminder: stop "bumping" tournament announcements

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Hi. Posting just to say "bumping this topic" is against the rules, and has been for some time. I assure you that people whose primary method of finding out about tournaments is reading this forum are already well aware of your event. If you would like help on recruiting teams to your tournament in other ways, we are happy to provide advice in that area.

I will be deleting these posts in the future.
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Re: Rules reminder: stop "bumping" tournament announcements

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The issue with thread-bumping is that a post that only says "bump" or some such is contentless and thus necessarily against the rules like all other content-free posts. There's no reason to grant announcement bumps an exception to that rule because it's very possible to accomplish the same thing by posting some quick information about your tournament, for example, that the field has been updated, a meeting room chosen, remember that checks need to be written to [organization name], PACE affiliation granted, x number of spots left, "This tournament is x weeks away, please join us!" etc. There are tons of things you can actually say to bump a thread, so why bother with a content-free post? I really don't think this should be a problem for anyone in practice.
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Re: Rules reminder: stop "bumping" tournament announcements

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Speaking of field updates, one thing new users should be aware of is that if you are still under moderation (i.e. <7 posts made), and you edit a post, it will disappear until staff re-approves it. If that post is the first in a thread, the entire thread will disappear until staff re-approves the post.

As such, I'd personally suggest that if you're a new poster who has announced a tournament, put the field list in a separate post, so that when you update it, you don't have the whole thread go away.
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