Sameer Rai

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Sameer Rai

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It may seem silly to make a thread for this purpose, but given recent news and how depressing it has been:

Thanks for self-reporting your access to SCT. That was very mature and impressive on your part. Thank you.
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Re: Sameer Rai

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Vorticity you are a hero
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Re: Sameer Rai

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I feel that if someone ever really asks any of us whether the best players in quiz bowl are cutthroat and will go to any lengths to win, this is the counterexample we can use.
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Re: Sameer Rai

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I wish we didn't have to remind people that it's bad to cheat. However, since we're at that point, it's really impressive that you immediately told NAQT about this and sat out a tournament you flew to Texas to play. Thank you.
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