U.S. History Bee

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U.S. History Bee

Post by Eric Huff » Wed Sep 11, 2013 12:08 pm

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new competition, the US History Bee. Unlike other NHBB high school events that have team components and run primarily on weekends, the US History Bee is an after-school event solely for individual students, modeled after the structure of the National History Bee's Middle School Division. Questions (written by HSAPQ) will focus exclusively on US History. Our intention is to appeal not only to experienced quizbowl players, but to history students in general who might enjoy competing without committing to a full Saturday. This is also a great way to introduce non-quizbowl players to buzzer competition. We will have regional events at schools across the country, and the top finishers will qualify for the US History Bee National Championship to be held on April 25, the Friday before NHBB Nationals. The US History Bee National Champion will win $5,000.

For more information, visit http://www.ushistorybee.org

We are searching for people or programs who are interested in hosting US History Bee Regional events for the 2013-2014 school year. Because there are many options out there in the way of hosting academic competitions, we want to point out a few very specific differences in hosting a U.S. History Bee:

1. U.S. History Bees are after-school for roughly three hours. This means you wouldn’t need to take another Saturday out of your schedule for this activity.

2. We help spread the word. The U.S. History Bee organization will send paper mail outreach letters to the forty (40) high schools closest to each US History Bee Regional site.

3. We split proceeds 50/50 with our Directors. This means you can make several hundred dollars for just a few hours of work.

4. Directors are able to host where they want, when they want, and as often as they want.

If you’re interested in being a U.S. History Bee Director, please feel free to email me (eric@historybee.com) or call us at (864-475-1776)
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