Parking Information

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Parking Information

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I noticed in the HFT thread that teams attending the tournament were interested in receiving some parking info, to which the TD seemed to give little information in response because he didn't have a lot of experience parking on his campus. Fortunately, somebody from Yale came along with the relevant information.

I'm not starting this thread to pick on Stephen or Harvard in general, but it was a nice example of something I've found on both the college and high school level to be a troubling oversight of tournament directors. At WKU we have taken a variety of approaches to handling parking for our events over the years, but we always make sure to check with our Parking and Transportation Services to make sure we know where to tell teams to park. It's extremely frustrating for a team to arrive at an event with little idea of how or where to park, and considering the possibility of fines or worse that are associated with parking violations, it's an extremely important point of customer service for tournament directors to provide teams with as much information as possible even if they have to look it up to do so.

Any helpful tips strategies, stories, etc. are welcome, I just wanted to start this thread as a nice reminder for everybody who runs tournaments.
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Re: Parking Information

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NIU's website has a conveniently labeled parking map, so I send the link to that in the info e-mail for every tournament. Nobody's gotten lost on campus since I started doing that.
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Re: Parking Information

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Re: Parking Information

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The link to the map is obviously helpful, but specific instructions to go with it are recommended.

"We suggest parking in Ramp X which is free on weekends".

"Note that Lot Q will not be available due to a football game/construction project/crime scene investigation/whatever."

Some facilities and meters require exact change (some meters accept only quarters, for example) or a credit card.

In general, don't tell teams where they CAN park, tell them where they SHOULD park.
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