Question about Qualification

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Question about Qualification

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In our meeting today, we were talking about registering for the state championship on March 15. This just so happens to be the first day of our spring break. So far, we have two Varsity players and one JV player committed to going (probably more will come, we're just not sure yet). I said that, if no one else could come, we could still register one Varsity and one JV for nationals (assuming they both qualify) and send as many players as we want to Washington. My coach said that only the players who play at regionals can be on a team in Washington.

Which one of us is right?
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Re: Question about Qualification

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As far as I know, when you qualify for History Bowl nationals, you're just qualifying the teams themselves, not specific players. The varsity and junior varsity teams that Arcadia sent to nationals last year looked nothing like the teams we had at regionals. So technically, I guess you don't actually have to play at regionals to come to nationals.
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Re: Question about Qualification

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So technically, I guess you don't actually have to play at regionals to come to nationals.
Yes, assuming you're meaning the singular "you". On more than one occasion, BCA has sent a student to Nationals who did not compete at a Regional History Bowl.
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Re: Question about Qualification

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Jon and Corry are correct - there's no need for a Regionals and Nationals team to share any of the same players. Also, at Regionals, teams are limited to 6 players, but this rule does not exist at Nationals where this is no limit to team size.
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