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Tennessee NASAT Tryouts

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:10 am
by Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin
Vanderbilt will host the Tennessee NASAT tryouts RIGHT AFTER our Pre-Nationals tournament at Buttrick Hall, 2400 Vanderbilt Pl, Nashville, TN 37212, (and Stevenson 4309 auditorium) on Saturday, April 19th, 2014.
We expect to take no longer than two hours (4-6 PM or 5-7 PM) to complete this and get you guys home at a reasonable time.
EDIT: Delayed Skype tryouts will be on 4/30/14, as all interested participants who haven't tried out yet have been informed.

Input will be sought from various experienced Tennessee coaches and hosts, as well as the Tennessee Academic Coaches' Association (TACA), to determine team members and alternates. Up to 6 students will be chosen along with 1-2 alternates.

We will be using DRAGOON, a regular difficulty collegiate tournament written by members of the University of Illinois' quizbowl team.
In coordination with those writers, no questions will be posted or distributed anywhere or anytime until after this tryout is held (Abacus question display noted; we will not use those rounds). We encourage anyone that is interested in attending these tryouts to be completely honest about question access and if any illegitimate access is discovered, that player will be disqualified immediately.

This tryout is free to any interested Tennessee high school students.
To register, email us at [email protected].

I look forward to seeing many, many students try out for Team Tennessee on April 19th!
Rohan Nag
Member/Logistics, Vanderbilt Quiz Bowl

Tried out already:
Jesse Bennett, USN
Kai Smith, Farragut
Akshay Soni, Farragut
Griffin Ray, Ezell-Harding
Austin Cunningham, Ezell-Harding
Aric Cunningham, Ezell-Harding
Gaibo Zhang, Oak Ridge
Zach Billett, White Station

Aram Bejnood, Oak Ridge

Re: Tennessee NASAT Tryouts

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 10:39 pm
by Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin
Sorry for the delays; everything is finalised now. Thanks to Chris Chiego and Ryan Liu, who helped out a lot during this process.
This year's Tennessee NASAT team is:
Griffin Ray (Ezell-Harding)
Kai Smith (Farragut)
Aram Bejnood (Oak Ridge)
Akshay Soni (Farragut)
Jesse Bennett (USN)

EDIT: Austin cannot go, so Zach Billett (White Station) will go in his place. EDIT: Zach can't go either.