Moderating in Chicago

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Moderating in Chicago

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Eric Huff and I are coordinating the National History Bee’s middle school events again this year and we need moderators for the Chicago Regional Finals.

We need at least a dozen moderators to join us on Monday, March 24th from 4:30pm to 7:30pm at O.A. Thorpe Scholastic Academy. We are offering to pay $80 for your time as well as your transit to/from the event ("transit" being gas or public transportation). Moderators can be coaches, college students, or experienced high school seniors.

The entire competition is 4 quick rounds of middle school history toss-ups, with a very straight-forward game format.

If you're willing and able to volunteer your time, please contact me ([email protected]) at your earliest convenience.

Nick Clusserath

Dorman / Clemson / Rutgers