Review of Some Questions I Wrote

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Review of Some Questions I Wrote

Post by yeah viv talk nah » Sun Jun 29, 2014 5:41 pm

Hi everyone,

I wrote some questions as practice for PACE NSC. They are intended to be HSNCT/NSC difficulty.
Any advice on improvements will be gladly accepted.

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Re: Review of Some Questions I Wrote

Post by Corry » Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:32 pm

Some of the bonuses are rather oddly connected. For instance, the Belarus bonus is rather funky: the first clue about Operation Bagration doesn't really have anything to do with Lukashenko, but rather refers only to Belarus (sort of-- Operation Bagration is actually associated with a bunch of different European states, not just Belarus). Meanwhile, the second part abruptly namedrops Asimov and Chagall in an attempt to make Belarus easier. This isn't great "form", from a stylistic perspective. Unless you're explicitly trying to make this bonus a "mixed" category question, I'd recommend sticking to history/current events/geography clues. Finally, the third answer is a bit random. Like, it seems to say "I thought of 2 good bonus answer lines, and then I couldn't think of a 3rd part so I just made something up."

The bonuses on the Olympic hosts and Tonga seem to play out similarly (i.e. "Answer some questions on the history of Tonga. And also rugby because why not.")

Overall, however, it's a pretty good initial effort. Keep it up. As a side note, I've personally always found that writing tossups helped me more in quiz bowl than writing bonuses, but others may differ.
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