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New Kent Novice Tournament (SCOP-5, New Kent, Va Nov. 1st)

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:41 am
This is the general announcement for the New Kent Novice Tournament. This will be a high school academic quiz bowl tournament, to be hosted at New Kent High School, New Kent, Virginia, on Saturday, November 1st, 2014 from 10am to about 5pm.

Location, directions & parking:
The tournament will take place New Kent High School, 7365 Egypt Road, New Kent, Virginia. Teams are asked to park in the main parking lot located off of Egypt Road. All teams should enter the school through the main entrance.

The tournament will be using the SCOP Novice 5 set.

As this is a novice tournament targeted towards new, inexperienced players, there are entrance restrictions.
- Any grade 9 or 10 is allowed to play
- Any grade 11 or 12 entering their first or second year of quizbowl is allowed to play

This tournament will use the tossup/bonus format. A round will consist of 20 tossups with correct tossup answers earning a team a bonus in which it can earn up to 30 additional points, usually broken into three questions each worth 10 points. The bonus questions do not bounce after one team answers incorrectly. There will be no math calculation tossups; this does not preclude bonuses requiring math calculation or tossups or bonuses on mathematical concepts. Teams will be seeded to preliminary groupings before being reseeded based on record. All teams will be offered a minimum of 9 games. Trophies will be awarded to the top teams, and book prizes will be awarded to the top individual scorers.

Registration & fees:
Base fee: $60 per team. There is no limit to the number of teams who can attend from one school.
Buzzer discount: $5 off school's total fee for each fully functional system (control unit and eight activators all work). There is no limit to the number of systems you can bring. If bringing a buzzer system that plugs into a control unit with a modular connector, such as a telephone plug, you must provide tape with your system if any latching tabs are broken. Failure to do so means you cannot claim the discount.
Staff discount: $10 off school's total fee. This could be a coach, parent, or student who is not playing. Team-provided staffers will keep score for various games. Volunteer staffers must stay through all the games (except finals) in order to receive credit for their school. There is no limit to the number of staffers you can bring.
Travel: $10 off the school's fee for every 150 miles traveled one-way from your school's address to New Kent High School, according to Google Maps.
Early Registration discount: $10 off the schools fee if registered by October 17th, 2014
Minimum fee: The minimum fee is $0. You can bring enough buzzers and staffers to eliminate your fee, but you cannot have a negative fee.

To register for this tournament, you must e-mail me at with the number of teams, buzzers, and staffers you intend to bring, an email address where you can be contacted with details, and a cell phone number belonging to someone who will be attending the tournament, so that we can track you down if you are running late. Feel free to share this announcement with any schools that you think would be interested in attending. There is no further registration form or other action needed on your part in order to be officially registered; you only need to e-mail me at the above e-mail address with the information requested. Posts made in this thread do not count as official registrations.

Method of payment:
All teams must pay by the day of the tournament. We prefer to accept payment in person right before the tournament starts, but we will accept checks by mail ahead of time if required by your school. Teams who do not pay by the day of the tournament will be charged a $25 penalty and will have two weeks to pay their total amount before we start mailing letters to your school administration about it.
We can accept cash, personal checks, or checks from a school, school district, or quiz bowl club funds. We have no ability to process purchase orders, credit cards, Paypal, or any other forms of payment. Bringing forms of payment outside of the three listed will be considered nonpayment and subject you to the $25 late payment penalty.

Re: New Kent Novice Tournament (SCOP-5, New Kent, Va Nov. 1s

Posted: Sun Oct 12, 2014 8:22 pm
Field Update: Teams/Buzzers/Staff

Douglass Correctional High School 1/0/0
Hanover 1/1/1
Homeschool Out of the Box 2/0/0
Maggie Walker 2/0/0
Midlothian 1/0/0
Mount Vernon 1/2/1

Total: 8/3/2

Re: New Kent Novice Tournament (SCOP-5, New Kent, Va Nov. 1s

Posted: Sat Nov 01, 2014 4:41 pm
Congratulations to Maggie Walker A as they won the final two games of the advantage final over DCHS. Many thanks to Andrew Feist, Cody Voight, Susan Glassburn, and Adam Smolinsky for staffing today. I'd like to remind all teams that attended not to discuss the set until it is cleared. Stats can be found here: ... ats/stats/