VHSL 2014-15

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VHSL 2014-15

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The new VHSL season starts today! I know that these games matter for little but bragging rights until the conference tournament in January, but I know my team is super excited to get started playing regularly again!

How is everyone looking forward to the season, and does any brave soul want to venture any predictions as to how it'll ultimately turn out?
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Re: VHSL 2014-15

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I'll take a crack at 1A West Regionals:

1A West, early season:

Conf. 45: Radford (defending 1A West runner-up)/Eastern Montgomery
Conf. 46: Chilhowie, Patrick Henry - GS
Conf. 47: It's wide open with the retirement of Coach Z, but I would say any combination of Hurley, Northwood, Haysi, Honaker.
Conf. 48: Clintwood, Eastside
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Re: VHSL 2014-15

Post by Madoc »

I'll make my predictions on the local conferences, now that the season is well underway:

1A West:
Conference 45-- Radford (clearly the favorite here, as Travis said); Eastern Montgomery runner-up. Not a lot of strong competition in this conference from year-to-year aside from those two teams.
Conference 46-- I don't know much about this one, but Chilhowie seems to be fairly strong perennially.
Conference 47-- Gotta go with Honaker here, though they're not nearly as strong as last season without Jacob; runner-up will be tight between Hurley or Northwood.
Conference 48--Saw Clintwood play over the weekend and they have very strong potential to make it to state; J.I. Burton gets my vote for runner-up.

2A West:
Conference 39-- Probably a tossup between Richlands and Grundy. Both have a strong power player but not much in the way of a supporting cast. Champ and runner-up positions here could be determined by as little as 5 points in a 2nd championship game.
Conference 40-- Appears to be a lot of balance in this conference, but the two that stick out to me are Central (Wise) and Virginia High. From seeing their conference scores thus far, that could change from week to week, though.
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Re: VHSL 2014-15

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From what I have either seen or heard

Conference 11: Atlee and Deep Run advanced in a smaller than usual field

I don't remember the conference names for Hampton Roads, but Menchville and Warwick advanced to Regionals, as did Princess Anne.

In one of the 4A conferences, Glen Allen won and Caroline was runner-up
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Re: VHSL 2014-15

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From Conference 21, Loudoun County and Woodgrove advance.

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Re: VHSL 2014-15

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Now that all Regional tournaments should have concluded, I decided to put all the state match-ups into one place.

Rappahannock County

Maggie Walker
George Mason

Western Albemarle
Cave Spring
New Kent

Loudoun County
Deep Creek

Thomas Jefferson
Princess Anne
Clover Hill

Western Branch
C.D. Hylton
W.T. Woodson
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