Announcing the Launch of the Middle School History Bowl Site

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Announcing the Launch of the Middle School History Bowl Site

Post by Rabbinator » Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:57 pm

The National History Bee and Bowl is proud to announce the launch of our brand new Middle School Bowl site at

Hello, all! My name is Bunnie Hadsall, and I'm the Director of the Middle School National History Bowl. We are extremely excited to bring history quizbowl fun to students all over the country. This has been crossposted to the Middle School quizbowl forum as well.

Our new website lists all History Bowl events with a Middle School division, and also specifies between whether the tournament is combined with a High School division, combined with the Middle School Bee, or is just a Middle School Bowl competition. New teams can also find valuable information on the format of the Bowl, the anatomy of a tossup, and study tips for improving their Bowl skills.

The Middle School History Bowl rules are identical to the High School History Bowl rules with the exception of the 60 second round, where Middle School teams will only have to answer 6 questions in 60 seconds (and get a 20 point bonus for the sweep for a total of 80 possible points).

We currently have 22 confirmed sites for this year (see below), with 7 more being finalized. We are also open to adding a Middle School division to any high school Bee/Bowl site that gets 4 or more Middle School teams in attendance.

Teams for the Middle School Bowl can be formed by students in 8th grade and below, so it's even open to elementary schoolers. In the case that you don't attend a K-12 school, elementary students can participate with the non-magnet public school that they would attend when entering middle school.

At competitions that are combined with a High School Bee/Bowl, there is no Middle School division for the Bee. Instead, Middle School students may participate in the Junior Varsity division. At competitions that are combined with a Middle School History Bee, students do not have to have qualified for the Bee with their ORQE scores in order to play in the Bowl. Anyone in grades 8 and below can participate in our Bowl tournaments.

Middle school teams are still welcome to participate in the Junior Varsity division of the Bowl at any of our HIgh School sites around the US. In fact, doing so can still qualify you to our Middle School National Championships in Louisville on May 24. (You can find more information on how to qualify for our National Championships here).

We are excited for a year of Middle School History Bowl. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post here or contact me at or
Bunnie Hadsall
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