DC Metro 2015-16 Date Claim Thread

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Re: DC Metro 2015-16 Date Claim Thread

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QOHS is in search of quizbowl tournaments to play in between now and HSNCT. Does anyone know of any that will be happening around the area?
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Re: DC Metro 2015-16 Date Claim Thread

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VCU Season Finale on 4/30 still has some space.
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Re: DC Metro 2015-16 Date Claim Thread

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Thus ends a great season of Quizbowl for the DC/MD/VA circuit yet again! Due to time constraints, I won't be able to maintain the calendar next year; if anyone is interested (or has a kind heart and wants to help out the region), please PM me? It's not a terribly large time commitment, just one that requires a few minutes every post.
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