2005-2006 tournaments

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2005-2006 tournaments

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The Georgia Academic Team Association Board of Directors will be meeting May 13 and 14. We will be working on a preliminary calendar of tournaments for 2005-2006. If you are planning a tournament and would like it to be listed on the calendars sent out to Georgia schools so they can actually have time to plan (that last bit was directed particularly to the UGA Habitat people this year) to attend, you may email me date place and contact info.

We'll take announcements from neighboring states as well as from within Georgia.


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18th Annual Brookwood Invitational Scholars Bowl---November 19, 2005

18th Annual Brookwood JV Scholars Bowl----February 11, 2006
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2006 UGA HS Bulldog Brawl at Cedar Shoals Saturday January 21, 2006

The New UGA JV HS Fall Brawl (working title)....either Sept 24, Oct 15 or Nov 5, 2005 (we're still working on this date- need to know if any major tournaments are claimed by these weekends)

NAQT Georgia State Tournament and Championship tentatively set for April 29, 2006 (when NAQT gives us the green light on it)
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The Ezell-Harding Christian School Academic Tournament (Nashvillle, TN) will be held on Saturday, September 17, 2005.
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The ideal date for Vanderbilt ABC XXX ("insert clever subtitle here") is October 29. If ACF fall turns out to be that date, we'll have to compromise with Nov. 5 or 12.
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Florida State University is planning to have a high school tournament on October 15, 2005.

Billy Beyer
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(silly ACF Fall...and FSU home football schedule)
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The University of Florida is having its fall tournament at its usual time... the first weekend of December, so Friday, Dec. 2nd and Sat, Dec. 3rd.

Contact: Stephen Jackson, Tournament Director
Email: stomperjax at yahoo dot com
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University of Michigan events for 2005-06

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Michigan Academic Competitions has put in to NAQT to host two tournaments next season:

Saturday, December 10, 2005
University of Michigan Autumn Classic

Saturday, March 11, 2006
2006 Michigan NAQT State Championships

More details further on down the line.

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The Central Hardin Academic Challenge will be held on September 24 (both Varsity and JV) at Cecilia, Kentucky (40 miles south of Louisville).
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UGA is planning on hosting their new JV tournament on November 5, 2005. This may conflict a bit with the FSU one, but Im sure that we are both at the mercy of our football team's schedule when doing this.