LIST VI is looking for mirrors!

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LIST VI is looking for mirrors!

Post by rpaul48 » Mon Jun 27, 2016 9:22 pm

After two years of not writing our traditional set, I am pleased to announce that the fifth iteration of the Ladue Invitational Spring Tournament is looking for mirrors nationwide! It will be mostly written by the Ladue team, and head-edited by myself(Raj Paul) and Moses Schindler. Ethan Strombeck and Henry Roe from Auburn will also help write and edit History, Music, and Geography, and Alston Boyd of the University of Chicago will also be assisting with editing Literature, History, and RMP for the set. We will offer 12 packets for the low price of $10 per team attending! The set will be available for mirroring starting January 7, 2017, and we're open to any mirrors after that for the duration of the school year (and into summer, if there is sufficient interest).

The details of our most recent set, written for the 2013-2014 school year, can be found here and the set itself can be downloaded here


The set will be very similar to previous years in style and difficulty, meaning it will be suitable for all levels of teams in attendance. In past years, LIST was acclaimed for being accessible to lower level teams as a non-novice set, yet providing a challenge to many of the top teams in the nation. We are aiming to maintain this style for LIST VI with good clues and relatively easy answer lines. Tossups will be powermarked and will range from five to seven lines, and bonus parts will be no longer than two lines each. Each packet will contain 22 tossups and 22 3-part bonuses, distributed as follows:

4/4 History (1 US, 1 Euro, 1 Ancient, 1 World)
4/4 Literature (1 US, 1 Euro, 1 British, 1 World)
4/4 Science (1 Physics, 1 Chem, 1 Bio, 1 Other)
1/1 Religion
1/1 Mythology
1/1 Math (Non-computational)
0.5/0.5 Philosophy (1 tossup or 1 bonus per round)
0.5/0.5 Social Science (1 tossup or 1 bonus per round)
1/1 Art
1/1 Music
1/1 Geography
1/1 Current Events
1/1 Trash (Pop Culture and Sports)
1/1 Extra


We would love for every circuit to have a mirror of LIST this year. If you want a mirror in your area, even if you don't have an exact date confirmed, let me know sooner rather than later! If you're at all interested in mirroring, or have any questions whatsoever, just email me at I will update this post frequently with the current mirrors we have.

Current Mirrors:

Loyola Ultima XVIII (IL) - December 10
ATTACK VI (GA) - February 4
Galesburg (IL) - February 25
DCC Catholic League Championship (MI) - March 11
Virginia Tech Winter (VA) - March 11
Richard Montgomery (MD) - April 1
Ladue Invitational Spring Tournament (MO, main site) - April 1
East Chapel Hill High (NC)- April 15?
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