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Carver E&S: Fall Novice Tourney (October 8th)

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:17 pm
by shanhogan
Carver E & S Novice Tournament, 10/8/16 @ Carver E & S (Philadelphia, PA)

The quizbowl team at George Washington Carver HS for Engineering and Science will host a novice quizbowl tournament on October 8th, 2016 at Carver E & S's campus in Philadelphia, 1600 W Norris St, Philadelphia, PA. Your team is invited to attend!

Registration will open at 8:15 AM and the tournament will begin as close to 9 AM as possible. All teams will be guaranteed at least 7 rounds of competition, with the top teams potentially playing up to 9. We expect the tournament to conclude for most teams by 3:30 PM. There will be a brief break for lunch.

The schedule of fees is as follows:
$70 per team registered
- $5 per fully functional buzzer system
- $20 per competent, experienced moderator

We will be using the Pennsylvania Novice Initiative Set, which is being written by a number of college quizbowl players from Pennyslvania and is targeted to be accessible to a broad range of teams.

Since this is a novice tournament designed for players without a great deal of quizbowl experience, we do have a few eligibility rules:
1. All students in 9th and 10 grade are eligible to compete
2. All students of any grade level who have never played a pyramidal quizbowl tournament before (IU competitions do not count against this) are eligible
3. Any student who has previously played pyramidal quizbowl but who has not averaged above 20 points-per-game at a tournament is eligible

We strongly encourage schools who have non-novice players to help us out by bringing more experienced players as moderators!

For any additional questions or to register for this tournament, please email me (Carver E & S coach Shan Hogan at smhogan "at" philasd "dot" org.)

Thank you and we hope to see you in October!

Re: Carver E&S: Fall Novice Tourney (October 8th)

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 8:25 am
by shanhogan
UPDATE ON THE FIELD (as of 9/16/16)
Great Valley (3 teams...possibly up to 5, room permitting)
Bodine (1 Team)
Franklin Towne (1 team)
Friends Select School (2 teams)

**Room capacity is likely 24 teams, but we may cap the field lower dependent on buzzer systems and moderators.

Our fee schedule is as follows:
$70 per team
-$5 per fully functional buzzer system
-$20 per competent, experienced moderator provided

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: If you register and attend BOTH Carver E&S Novice (10/8) and Tri-State Falcon QB Tourney (at Friends Select School on 10/22) we're going to offer you a discount of $10 to BOTH. You would see the discount in full at the 2nd of the tournaments (meaning you would pay $20 less at FSS.)