James Blair Bowl Looking for Mirrors

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James Blair Bowl Looking for Mirrors

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Hey everyone, after our success at the James Blair Bowl I this past Saturday we were opening up our set to other teams for mirroring. The questions are all house written in the standard 20/20 Toss up/Bonus format. There are no power marks, 10 packets, and 22 TUs/Bonuses per packet. The distribution is as follows,
Per packet:
4 History TUs/Bonuses (2 US Pre 20th, 2 US 20th and on, 2 World Pre 1650, 2 World Post 1650)
4 Science TUs/Bonuses (2 Biology, 2 Chemistry, 2 Physics/Astronomy, 2 Earth Sci/Comp Sci/Math)
4 Literature TUs/Bonuses (2 British, 2 American, 2 World, 2 Misc)
2 Fine Arts TUs/Bonuses (2 Music, 2 Visual Art/Architecture)
2 Social Science TUs/Bonuses (2 Psych/Socio/Anthro, 2 Gov./Econ/Language)
2 RMP TUs/Bonuses (4 Religion/Myth/Philosophy)
1 Geography TU/Bonus
1 Trash TU/Bonus
The packets do scale in difficulty, with the first being relatively close to VHSL Districts in difficulty and Packet 10 being closer to a State tournament. We are gonna go ahead and set a soft deadline for request for April 30th, after which point we will probably publish the set on the packet archive. If you are interested in seeing the quality of the questions before hand email me at [email protected] and I will gladly send a single packet for reference.
Since we are a new tournament and this is the first set we are producing we will be only be charging $10 per team signed up for your tournament with an absolute minimum fee of $70. If you have any other questions about it feel free to ask!
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Re: James Blair Bowl Looking for Mirrors

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The community has repeatedly rejected the idea that packets should scale in difficulty. Please don't do this.
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