Prison Bowl Mirror Requests

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Prison Bowl Mirror Requests

Post by luke1865 » Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:57 pm

Prison Bowl X will be available for mirrors beginning on March 25th, 2017. It will then be available for play until Sunday, May 29, 2017 (after which it will be viewable to all on the archive). If you are interested in mirroring our set (or have any questions), please contact us at

Set details
Like always, the set will be written and edited by the Hunter College High School quiz bowl team. The set will consist of thirteen 21/21 packets (20 pyramidal tossups, 20 three-part bonuses, and an extra tossup and bonus for tiebreakers). All packets will be written at uniform, standard high school-level difficulty, with power marks. Each tossup will be 5-6 lines long and each bonus part no more than 2 lines long in 10 point Times New Roman font.

Aside from your standard quiz bowl answer lines, the set will also feature some original common-link questions, descriptive answer-lines, and cross-categorical/interdisciplinary questions. We hope that these non-conventional questions will keep grizzled players who have played many other sets interested. However, the standard difficulty-nature of the set should also allow less experienced players to get and learn stuff. In tandem with our eternal goal to provide high-quality questions, we have taken some new measures to ensure a better-written set compared to last year's iteration.


The set will not feature computational math.

4/4 Literature
> 1/1 American
> 1/1 British
> 1/1 European and Russian
> 1/1 World and Ancient/Classical
4/4 History
> 1.3/1.3 American
> 1.3/1.3 European
> 1.3/1.3 World
4/4 Science
> 1/1 Biology
> 1/1 Chemistry
> 1/1 Physics
> 0.5/0.5 Mathematics (entirely non-computational)
> 0.5/0.5 Astronomy/Cosmology and Earth Sciences
3/3 Fine Arts
> 1/1 Painting and Sculpture
> 0.5/0.5 Other Visual (including Architecture, Photography, Film, Dance, Performance, Decorative, Design)
> 1/1 Classical Music
> 0.5/0.5 Other Auditory (including Opera, Jazz, Musicals, World Music)
2.5/2.5 RMP
> 0.8/0.8 Religion
> 1/1 Mythology
> 0.8/0.8 Philosophy
0.8/0.8 Social Science
0.6/0.6 Geography
0.5/0.5 Current Events
0.6/0.6 Trash and Pop Culture (.0714/.0714 Sports)
1/1 Tiebreaker (Literature, History, Science, or Fine Arts)

The mirror fee is $10 per attending team. All we ask is that hosts not alter question content in any way, nor release any information about questions to the public before 5/29.

Sites Using this Set:
Prison Bowl Main Site in NYC (3/25)
Brain Busters Spring at Ithaca High School in New York (4/15)

Again, if you have any questions about anything I mentioned above, email us at!
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