Citronaut Invitational (Oct. 21st, 2017)

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Citronaut Invitational (Oct. 21st, 2017)

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Hi all,
I am pleased to announce that the UCF Quizbowl Club will be hosting the Citronaut Invitational using the NAQT set IS-170. All High Schools and Middle Schools, public and private, are eligible to play. It will take place on the October 21st, 2017, with registration beginning at 8 AM and rounds at 9 AM.

Location: The tournament will be held at UCF in our Business Administration I building. This map should be helpful in locating it Just type in Business Administration I in the search function and it will direct you to the location. Parking is typically free on the weekends, with some the best places to park for a short walk to the tournament are Garage C and the parking lot next to that garage.

Dining: We will have breakfast food (likely provided by Dunkin' Donuts) in the morning for teams and staffers, while lunch will be provided for staffers only. For teams, our campus has a variety of food options like Chick-Fil-A, Dominoes, Qdoba, and Huey Magoo's about a quarter mile away in our Student Union.

Base Fee: $90$ ($80 for subsequent teams signed up by the same school)
Buzzer discount: $5 for each working buzzer
Staff discount: $10 off for each staffer
Travel discount (200 miles or more, one way): $10
Minimum Fee: $60

Current Field:
St Stephen's (2 Teams)
Midtown Classical (2 Teams)
Desoto (1 Team)
Orlando Christan Prep (2 Teams)
East Ridge (1 Team)
Trinity Prep (3 Teams)
Ocoee (1 team)
Celebration (1 Team)

The field will be capped at 20 teams. If you would like to register, feel free to email me at [email protected]. If using checks to pay, please write it out to UCF Quiz Bowl.
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