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GSAC XXV Main Site - Richmond, VA (1/13/18)

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:51 pm
by c*t
After our December date was cancelled due to snow, this is an announcement for the rescheduled date, January 13, 2018. Should it snow AGAIN, the new date will be March 31st

The Maggie L. Walker Governor's School for Government and International Studies is pleased to announce Governor's School Academic Competition (GSAC) XXV, the newest and twenty-fifth incarnation of our long-running tournament. The tournament will take place at Maggie Walker on Saturday, January 13, 2018. The field cap is tentatively 24 teams. Please contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] if you have any questions or comments, or post below.

Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 9 games. Teams can be a maximum of six people, four of which may play at a time. Substitutions are allowed at the half. If you plan on bringing more than six players, please register a second team. EDIT: We've received Platinum Certification from PACE, so the top 25% of teams will qualify for the National Scholastic Championship in Reston, VA!

The tournament will take place at Maggie L. Walker Governor's School, which is located at 1000 N. Lombardy Street, Richmond, VA 23220. Parking will be in the school lot, and the school should be accessed through the Elizabeth Street entrance.

Question Set
The question set used for this tournament will be written by current members and alumni of the Maggie Walker team and head edited by Anuj Kotak. The tournament follows a 20/20 format. The distribution and other information can be found on the mirror requests post.

Please send an email to either [email protected] or [email protected] that includes the following information:
1. Your school's name
2. The number of teams, buzzers, and moderators you will bring
3. A name, an e-mail address, and a phone number for a contact that can be reached on the day of the tournament
4. If you would like an invoice, please let me know.
On the day of the tournament, check-in and breakfast will begin at 8 am. The tournament should conclude no later than 5 p.m.

Fee structure:
Per team: $70
Functional Buzzer Discount: $5
Travel Discount (150+ miles): $10
Staff Discount (please only volunteer a competent staffer): $10
Minimum fee: $45

One of the best perks of GSAC is that we provide all teams attending with a free breakfast! During lunch, we may sell pizza and drinks, but there are many excellent eateries within walking or driving distance of Maggie Walker.

We are also looking for prospective mirror hosts of GSAC XXV across the country. The set contains 14 rounds, the last two of which are slightly more difficult (regular-plus) and are set aside for finals. The mirror fee is $12 per team, and the set will be available from December 9th until the end of the season. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a mirror. Information and current mirror sites can be found at on the mirror requests thread.

We hope to see you here and look forward to you playing the set! Please share this with any teams you think may be interested and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments!

Re: GSAC XXV Main Site - Richmond, VA (1/13/18)

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 3:47 pm
by c*t
Current Field (teams / buzzers / staffers)

NKA Homeschool Collective (1/0/0)
Guilford Early College (1/0/0)
Langley (1/1/0)
Richard Montgomery (1/4/0)
Robinson (1/0/0)
Cosby (2/1/0)
Midlothian (1/1/0)
Collegiate (1/2/0)
Montgomery Blair (1/1/0)
Norfolk Academic Guild (2/1/0)
New Kent (2/0/0)
Cave Spring (2/1/1)
Georgetown Day School (2/0/0)
Western Albemarle (1/2/0)

Total (19/13/1) as of: January 11, 2017

Re: GSAC XXV Main Site - Richmond, VA (1/13/18)

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:52 pm
by c*t
With the tournament less than two weeks away, I'm going to set the deadline to register as one week from now - Wed, Jan 10th. We look forward to seeing the above teams and more at GSAC!

Re: GSAC XXV Main Site - Richmond, VA (1/13/18)

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:40 pm
by c*t
Today is the last day to register, we would really like one more team to even the field at 20! Registered teams should expect an email from me tonight regarding the tournament.

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Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:03 pm
by c*t
Thank you to all the teams that came today, especially those driving from out of state!
Robinson and Early College @ Guilford were both 6-1 in the championship bracket and played a one game final, while Richard Montgomery and Montgomery Blair played a tiebreaker for 3rd. The final standings are:

1. Guilford
2. Robinson
3. Richard Montgomery
4. Montgomery Blair
5. Cave Spring A

Congrats to Guilford for winning the tournament! Unfortunately, stats were done on a school computer and saved on a shared drive that I won’t have access to until Tues at the earliest, you can expect playoff stats by the end of next week. Prelim stats are here. Once those are posted if you see any mistakes that should be fixed feel free to email me. If you’d like to give feedback on the questions, simply join the private forum discussion.

The question set 2017 Maggie Walker GSAC XXV (available for mirrors!) will be our final housewrite before we go on hiatus It’s been great (albeit challenging) working on the set with my team for the past year and I’m glad people were able to play it, so once again thank you for coming to the 25th annual GSAC! We hope to see you next year.

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Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:41 pm
by Robbie Ram
Hi, do you have the complete tournament stats available yet? If not, any idea when they will be available? Thanks.

Re: GSAC XXV Main Site - Richmond, VA (1/13/18)

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:59 pm
by c*t
Yes, stats were uploaded today (I sent the link in the email follow up) and can be accessed here.