James Blair Bowl II Available for Mirror (2017-2018)

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James Blair Bowl II Available for Mirror (2017-2018)

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Hey everyone, the second James Blair Bowl was a great success. The set is now available for mirror! We already have interest from both Virginia Tech and Cave Spring. There are eleven full packets each with twenty-one tossups and bonuses. Our distribution is:
4 History TUs/Bonuses (2 American/2 World)
4 Science TUs/Bonuses (Bio/Chem/Phys/Mixed)
4 Literature TUs/Bonuses (American/Brit/World/Other)
2 Fine Arts TUs/Bonuses (Visual Art/Music)
1 Psych/Soc/Anthro TU/Bonus
1 Gov/Econ/Ling TU/Bonus
2 RMP TUs/Bonuses
1 Geography TU/Bonus
1 Trash TU/Bonus

This set is much more consistent and generally easier than last years James Blair Bowl. If you are interested in mirroring we can discuss more details via email. You can reach me at [email protected]
James Cole
William and Mary