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IHSSBCA Novice Tournament @ Southwestern (Piasa) 10/13/2018

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 12:00 pm
by mhasquin
Southwestern High School (Piasa, Illinois) will be hosting the IHSSBCA Novice October 13, 2018. The IHSSBCA Novice will be run on the SCOP 9 Novice set.

Marshall Mullins will be the tournament director for the Novice.

The Novice tournament is specially designed to appeal to newer or inexperienced players. Each round will consist of 20 tossup questions with 20 3-part bonuses. The tournament will use 15-point "powers" (reward for an early enough buzz), and there is no penalty for incorrect answers. Bonuses will rebound. There is no computational math in the SCOP Novice set.

This tournament is open to all IHSSBCA member teams with the following restrictions on individual players:
A player must have played fewer than 40 varsity-level matches for his or her school’s top team.
A player must have played fewer than 80 career high school matches at any level.
A player must NOT have scored more than 35 points per game at a varsity invitational tournament.
A player must never have scored more than 20 points per game at a high school national championship tournament.
A player must never have been named to an All-Tournament Team at a high school tournament.
A player must never have been named to the All-Tournament Team at NAQT’s Middle School National Championship Tournament

Fees are $50 for the first team and $45 for each subsequent team.

Every school must have a current IHSSBCA member to register for a Novice tournament; if you are not a member, you must join to enter a team or teams. You can find the registration from here: IHSSBCA Membership Page

There is a cap of 16 24 teams for this tournament. If there is interest and available staff, we will consider expanding the field.

A concession stand will be available on site for teams. There are no viable options to leave the campus during lunch break.

Teams wishing to register should fill out the following registration form: Southwestern Novice Registration Form

We look forward to hosting your team and hope to create a great quiz bowl experience for the novice players.

Re: IHSSBCA Novice Tournament @ Southwestern (Piasa) 10/13/2018

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 2:16 pm
by mhasquin
Field (14/18)
Quincy - 2 Teams
Hillsboro - 1 Team
Carbondale - 1 Team
Springfield - 1 Team
Granite City - 1 Team
O'Fallon - 1 Team
Calhoun (Hardin) - 1 Team
Macomb - 2 Teams
Marquette Catholic - 1 Team
Southwestern - 2 Teams
Northwestern - 1 Team

Brad Tutterow
Luke Tutterow
Joy Tutterow
Andrew Miller
Brian Tutterow
Carter Moore
Shelby Oertel
Donald Taylor
Sister John Baricevic
Josh Erwin
Jacob Klug

Re: IHSSBCA Novice Tournament @ Southwestern (Piasa) 10/13/2018

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:49 am
by mhasquin
Tournament rules can be found at this link: ... trules.pdf

We will not be enforcing any rules concerning team uniforms.

Please plan on arriving at Southwestern on Saturday 10/13 by 8:15 AM. You can enter the building through the Central Lobby doors, just south of the flag pole. The building will open for moderators as early as 7:00 am.

If you are traveling by bus, buses should plan to park in the south lot. When you arrive, please check in with the students who will be greeting you with a packet of tournament information and they will also be collecting your buzzers.

Please bring along a working buzzer system(s). I have two working systems, but it is always nice to have backups in case of technical difficulties.
  • We will store the extra buzzer sets in the Hospitality Room.
  • We will have a meeting for moderators at 8:15.
  • There will be a coaches' meeting at 8:30 in the Teacher Workroom. We will go over rules and procedures for the tournament. This room will also serve as our hospitality room for the coaches, moderators, and bus drivers.
  • Once you determine the roster for your team(s), please send them to Marshall. We have to keep statistics for the tournament and submit them to the IHSSBCA. If we receive your rosters by Thursday, Marshall can enter them into the database. Changes can be made when you arrive if necessary.
  • Matches will begin prior to 9:00 am. With 16 teams, all teams are guaranteed 9 rounds of play. Teams playing for the championship and 3rd/4th could possibly play additional rounds to determine the final four overall.
  • We will break for lunch after Round 5. (Around noonish)
  • A concession stand will be available for lunch. We're in the middle of nowhere, so it is difficult to find a place that is off campus.
  • We will recognize the top scoring individuals during lunch. Medals and books will be awarded.

I would like to take photographs of the teams that place 1st through 4th for the IHSSBCA newsletter and website. We will award team trophies for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places.

Re: IHSSBCA Novice Tournament @ Southwestern (Piasa) 10/13/2018

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:45 am
by mhasquin
Results from IHSSBCA Novice at SWHS.

1. O’Fallon, 2. Macomb A, 3. Springfield, 4. Carbondale
Top player: Evan Ewing, Carbondale, 74 PPG