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ILLIAC (Spring 2019) Available for HS mirrors

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:52 pm
by Illinois Admin
The Academic Buzzer Team at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign is pleased to announce that ILLInois Academic Competition (ILLIAC) is available for high school mirrors starting March 2019.


All high schoolers are eligible to play ILLIAC as closed teams in designated high school mirrors or in mirrors designated for high school and college teams (such mirrors are listed in the college announcement). HS Chimera teams are only allowed in extenuating circumstances with the approval of both the editors and the host.


This set is aiming to replicate the difficulty of past years' MUT, EMT, and SMT, so occupying a spot between ACF Fall and EFT.


The set will be written by the Academic Buzzer Team and the Uni High Quiz Bowl Team, with help form Alex Dzuric and the Centennial High School team.
Mike Etzkorn and Cole Timmerwilke are head editing this tournament with science help from Mike Sorice and Eric Murkerjee. I, Bradley McLain, Bryan Lu, Koby Theobald, and Mitch McCullar will be serving as the subject editing team. John Lawrence, Itamar Naveh-Benjamin, and Tyler Vaughan will be helping with difficulty control, copy editing, and quality control.


4/4 Literature
-> 1/1 Long-Form Fiction
-> 1/1 Non-Epic Poetry
-> 0.5/0.5 Drama
-> 0.5/0.5 Short-Form Fiction
-> 1/1 "Miscellaneous" (nonfiction, literary criticism, epic poetry, other literary questions, mixed, or more drama/short fiction)

4/4 History
-> 1/1 United States
-> 1/1 Continental Europe
-> 1/1 Non-European, Non-Commonwealth ("World")
-> 1/1 Classics, Commonwealth, and Other

4/4 Science
-> 1/1 Biology
-> 1/1 Chemistry
-> 1/1 Physics
-> 0.5/0.5 Math/Computer Science
-> 0.5/0.5 Other Science

3/3 Arts
-> 1/1 Painting and Sculpture
-> 1/1 Music
-> 1/1 "Other" Art

-> 1/1 Religion (expansive)
-> 1/1 Mythology (inc. questions about mythography/folktales)
-> 1/1 Philosophy (with emphasis on "thought")
-> 1/1 Social Science (with emphasis on "practice")

1/1 Geography/Current Events/Misc.
(including a small amount of highly culturally relevant/artistic trash)


The mirror fee is $40 per team in attendance. All requests to mirror should be sent to bamclai2 AT

Re: ILLIAC (Spring 2019) Available for HS mirrors

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:53 pm
by Illinois Admin
Texas Invitational - Sunday March 24
Midwest Championship at Adlai Stevenson HS - April 6th
University of Georgia - April 6th
Discord (run by Groger Ranks) - April 14th
Bard High School Early College - May 18th