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FST Discord Mirror (High School, 5/19)

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 8:12 pm
by entropy
I am pleased to announce an open FST Discord Mirror for high school teams, set for May 19th. FST is an easy college set matching ACF Fall difficulty and will provide good practice for any team intending to attend HSNCT or NSC, or just teams who want a good challenge on a higher level set. The set announcement for FST is here.

This mirror will be open to high schoolers; closed high school teams or chimeras may register or high school individuals may join as free agents. We will facilitate team formation among free agents if needed and balance chimeras or free agent teams we feel too strong. The tentative field cap is 8 teams; we will physically physically physically physically expand if there is more interest.

The fee for this mirror will be $65 per team. The link to register is here.

We hope you join us and make this mirror a success!

Edit: This post has been updated to reflect that we are moving this mirror's date to 5/19 due to staffing and attendance concerns for the 18th.
Edit: This post has been updated to reflect that this is fully open to all HS players and teams.

Re: FST Discord Mirror (High School, 5/19)

Posted: Sat May 18, 2019 9:57 pm
by Romanos I Lekapenos
Any logistics information?

Re: FST Discord Mirror (High School, 5/19)

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:27 am
by entropy
This tournament happened.

Congratulations to Frulia et al. for going 7-0 to win the tournament! In addition, congratulations to Fred Zhang for being top individual scorer.
Full SQBS-style stats are available here and will be beautified/fixed when I get the time. (sorry!)

In addition to SQBS-style stats, we created category stats by tabulating the number of powers by each player in each subject area. Category awards are available here.

Huge thanks to Jamie Faeder, Jason Lewis, James Stevenson, Josh Rollin, Shahar Schwartz, and Alejandro Lopez-Lago for helping organize and staff this tournament. Thank you everyone who played for making this tournament a success!

Re: FST Discord Mirror (High School, 5/19)

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 5:23 pm
by Cody
The program used to generate these stats (Intermezzo?) does not create a compliant SQBS web report and cannot be navigated conventionally. (e.g. (a) it does not include the necessary links in the standings.html and team_detail.html files, and (b) the anchor links it creates in the individuals.html file are implemented incorrectly and don't take you to the team_detail.html page). While it's good that people are concerned about stats programs and the way stats are presented on HSQBDB, using unfinished technology that does not at least meet the minimum output specifications of SQBS is a step backwards, and contrary to the goal of maintaining a comprehensive and complete database of stats reports.

YellowFruit is a good example of how to do web reports correctly (separately from its modifications to the SQBS interface, which I have not tried -- input being different from output, it's fine to go wild there). It meets all the output specifications of SQBS, doesn't try to change the styling too much, and includes useful additions to the web reports. (Including a link to the scoreboard from the team_detail.html page that was implemented correctly.)