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NAQT's Cyber Monday sale

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 2:29 pm
by Important Bird Area
For Cyber Monday NAQT would like to offer you the chance to use your full NAQT archive that will be available through electronic distribution!

Anyone who purchases $75 or more in practice materials on Cyber Monday will be able to access all their previous purchases through the Web Viewer. That includes packet sets from national championship tournaments and local tournaments, as well as our study guides and practice materials like Speed Checks, Lightning Rounds, Frequency Lists, Thumbs Up, and Power Ups.

We intend to have this feature available for everyone who's purchased in the past eventually, but you can have early access with your Cyber Monday purchase.

Please note that you must have a Locklizard account to participate in this offer, and to receive electronic distribution of practice materials. Your order will not be completed without a Locklizard account. If you do not have a Locklizard account, please go to to see the benefits of electronic distribution and set up your free account. Also note that you should log in and double-check your account to review your current organization affiliations, so we can grant access to all the purchases to which you are entitled.

If you've bought a set in the past, or if you are missing your paper copy, with this deal you will be able to access it online. All you need are your free Locklizard account and your account, and when your Cyber Monday purchase is made available, all your old purchases will be available to view as well.

Please note: the price reductions we introduced when electronic distribution began are still in place, so every item is at least 10% less expensive than before electronic distribution.

This offer is only valid on Monday, December 2, 2019 (Central Standard Time.)