Illinois 06-07

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Please be judicious in using the word "pace." :)

And it's too bad you won't actually try PACE, which is untimed and not as fast... with reboundable bonuses.
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Illinois had a great showing at NAQT Nationals this weekend! Congratulations to:

13. New Trier
33. St. Ignatius, Maine South, Wheaton North
49. Bloomington

Those standings are out of 160 teams. Auburn without Siva went 5-5 on Saturday, almost making it to today's playoffs.
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Illinois sent 6 teams to NAQT ......

5 made the playoffs, and there is ZERO doubt that it would have been six had there been remote play from the subcontinent. Only Minnesota and Virginia sent more teams to the playoffs.

Four of Illinois' teams won at least one playoff game. Only Virginia had more.

Two players (Greg & Greg) finished in the top 20 individually ..... only Minnesota and Virginia ????? had more (I need to double check this). WE had a few more in the top 100. I think Jimmy G. was in the top 15 TU/neg (among the top 200 scorers).

I'm not going to say "Illinois Rules" .... we don't ...... and I won't say it was a statement .... it wasn't ..... but I think, considering the limitations we operate under ..... it is a sign of good things.