Tippecanoe Academic Chall. (11-4-06, Tipp City, OH)

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Tippecanoe Academic Chall. (11-4-06, Tipp City, OH)

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Dear Coaches:

We are extremely proud to announce the 11th annual Tippecanoe Academic Challenge will be held on November 4th, 2006 at Tippecanoe HS in Tipp City, Ohio. This tournament regularly features some of the best academic quiz teams from across Ohio.
The tournament will be held according to standard NAQT format, with 10 point tossup questions followed by 30 point bonus questions. Important note: the matches will NOT be timed, but we will be reading 10 tossups in each half round, 20 for a complete match. Bonuses will be rebounded if not answered by the winning tossup team. We are using tournament set IS 61-A. We are only offering geographic exclusivity for Ohio schools. Please note that if you are an out of state team, your participation in this tournament will prevent you from playing in other tournaments in your own area using this same set of questions.

Registration will begin at 8 am on Saturday morning, and rounds will commence promptly at 9 am. If any teams arrive later, then they will forfeit matches until they arrive. Teams will be placed into groups of 8, where they will play everyone in their group in a round-robin. All schools are guaranteed seven matches. Schools will be placed into groups based on a combination of geographic proximity, school size and past TAC performance. After round-robin play is finished, each of the group winners, plus three wildcard teams, will playoff against each other in a single elimination bracket to decide the champion. Teams will be seeded in the elimination rounds based on record, then average points scored per game. Plaques will be awarded for the champion and runner-up schools, and at least the top two schools will qualify for invitations to the NAQT national championship. Possibly more schools will qualify for invitations based on the size of the field.

Tournament fees will be $60 for the first team, and $40 for any other team. There will be a separate JV tournament if there are enough teams. However, JV winners are not eligible for invitation to the NAQT national championship. If a school fields more than one varsity team, they will be separated into different divisions to guarantee they will not play each other in the preliminary rounds. Any check received after October 27th will incur a $15 late penalty. Registrations will not be accepted after October 27th. If a school brings a NAQT-experienced reader, they will receive a $10 discount. [u]All participating schools MUST bring one working buzzer system that accommodates at least eight players total.[/u]

Make checks payable to Tippecanoe High School, and they may be sent to:

Joe Bellas
Academic Quiz Team Advisor
Tippecanoe High School
615 E. Kessler-Cowlesville Road
Tipp City, Ohio 45371

You may either send all registration information for the tournament (School name, team roster, address, phone, email, fax, and fees owed) to the above address, or you may register by email to jrbellas at tippcity dot k12 dot oh dot us. Please respond as soon as possible, since we are capping tournament size at 40 teams (not schools). For schools not familiar where we are located, Tipp City is just north of Dayton, Ohio, and sits directly next to Interstate 75. A number of hotels are available in both Tipp and Troy for those teams staying overnight. I will be sending out another letter with more information to those teams who register by October 13th.

We hope that you all are able to attend our tournament in November. Good luck to all of your teams this academic year!
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Congrats Fisher Catholic