a quick question....

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a quick question....

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(quoted from "NAC Discussion", post by DH TTHS: Walnut Hills is going to NAQT nationals(at least I am pretty sure that they are going), and one of their best players is in 8th grade.)

Can 8th-graders play at NAQT HSNCT?
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Re: a quick question....

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cornfused wrote:(quoted from "NAC Discussion", post by DH TTHS: Walnut Hills is going to NAQT nationals(at least I am pretty sure that they are going), and one of their best players is in 8th grade.)

Can 8th-graders play at NAQT HSNCT?

Don' even go there!
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We played against that kid earlier in the year, and he is really, really good... Couple that with the fact that I heard he's only 11... its just an amazing story...

We all know :chip: allows anybody practically to play... but HSNCT is quite different than BeallBowl.
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If he attends the school, I would say yes due to the fact there is no age requirement posted in the official rules as far as I remember
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These seem to be the potentially relevant rules from NAQT's Eligibility Rules at http://www.naqt.com/high-school-eligibility.html , with some emphasis added by me. Hope this helps clear things up.
NAQT High School Eligibility Rules wrote: ...
B. 1. Tournaments run according to these Eligibility Rules are open to students in grades K through 12 at all primary and secondary educational institutions. This includes senior high schools, junior high schools, elementary schools, public schools, private schools, religious schools, magnet schools, charter schools, and military academies.
C. 2.A player establishes a student affiliation at an institution for a given competition year by enrolling in an academic term (typically the entire school year) the majority of whose days fall within that competition year.
4. A squad consists of all players permitted to play on teams representing an eligible institution.
a. To be eligible to represent an institution, a player must have an affiliation at an eligible institution.
b. An eligible institution is any accredited primary, secondary school, or home school collective that has registered with NAQT. The squads of such institutions are high school squads (even if the school itself is not conventionally described as a high school).
6. A player may appear for only one high school squad in a given competition year. If a player has or will be eligible to compete on more than one high school squad in a given competition year, the player must choose the squad for which s/he will compete.
7. If a player does not attend a secondary school, s/he may make a request to NAQT to be granted an affiliation with the squad of a secondary school that is reasonably nearby. Such a player would still need to choose between competing for his/her original school and the selected secondary school.
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Post by quizbowllee »

I've played 7th graders at HSNCT before. It's not illegal.

In fact, this is the first year that there won't be an 8th grader or below on either of Brindlee Mountain's teams at the HSNCT.
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From Wikipedia

"Walnut Hills High School is a public college-preparatory high school in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Operated by the Cincinnati Public Schools, it houses grades seven through twelve and maintains a culturally diverse student body. Newsweek named it the 65th best public high school in America in 2006[1]."

If it houses grades seven through twelve in the same school, then I guess there is no way that it can be considered an issue.
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I would like to see a kindergartener at the HSNCT.
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You probably will see kindergartners there. But I'd like to see them playing games in which R will read.
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We'll be bringing a 7th grader to HSNCT. She's our math/comp sci person, so none of us will be able to do derivatives except for her, haha. But that's the way the cookie crumbles . . .
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One of our team members is an eighth grader, and he'll be there. He won first place in the individual stats at the State College tourney.