Selecting a Question Vendor and/or Question Set Type

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Selecting a Question Vendor and/or Question Set Type

Post by mithokie »

I wanted to get advice before I select an NAQT packet type for the EQUINE I this fall. I coach the team at Auburn High School in Riner, VA.
We are about to begin our 3rd year of competition on the circuit and our team is not at a point where we can write enough quality questions for our tournament to be a quality tournament.

We are planning to host a tournament on October 20, 2007. I had originally planned to host the tournament on NAQT A level questions. My thinking was that the majority of the schools in our part of the state, SW Virginia (Cave Spring Excluded), have little to no experience with NAQT questions (or even tossup-bonus format), so an A-Level set would be perfect.

I did not know that the Battle of the Brains questions overlap the A-Level questions, so I am worried that we will get no participation from the Richmond/Charlottesville areas if we use an A-Level set (and I honestly don't know how far West the BOB series reaches.)

So, I was thinking we could just do an IS series, but I am worried about the geographic exclusivity, and stepping on toes of more established tournaments. I believe there are 4 IS series sets available. (IS-68, IS-70, IS-72, and IS-74) (IS-76 is for state tourneys only). Would I be breaching quiz bowl ettiquite by asking NAQT for one of these sets since there already five other schools/sites in Virginia that used an IS series set last year? (The 5 are Virginia Tech, UVA, TJHSST, William & Mary, and Ocean Lakes HS).

Are any of these hosts not planning on an NAQT tourney this year?

I've already seen mention from TJHSST and UVA about their plans, so I'm wondering about the other 3.

If I don't go with NAQT, then what recommendations do you have for question providers for pyramidal tossup-bonus questions we could use on October 20?

Thanks for the input...

Matt Beeken
Auburn High School

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Post by BuzzerZen »

My understanding of NAQT's practices is that they will produce as many IS sets in a year as they get demand for. It wouldn't hurt to send them an e-mail and see if you can get an IS set. It's not to NAQT's advantage to make their product scarce; if 5 or 6 sites in Virginia want to run an NAQT tournament, then it's in their best interest to have enough sets available.
Evan Silberman
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Post by DumbJaques »

Evan's right, that's a question you should probably send to NAQT. I would imagine that at least one (if not all) A-level sets won't have overlap problems.

If you want to go outside NAQT, Academic Initiative produces some quality low-difficulty stuff. Sadly DACQ doesn't do tournaments right now. . . but please, look into our product anyway!
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Post by Stained Diviner »

I agree that asking NAQT is reasonable. I'm not sure they'll produce an extra packet for you, but they can let you know what, if anything, is available. In addition to Academic Initiative, you can ask Aegis.