2008 NAQT HSNCT Registration

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2008 NAQT HSNCT Registration

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As of the New Year, 41 teams had registered for the 2008 NAQT High School National Championship. Together with the spots reserved for state championships, that means that roughly half the spots in the 160-team field are spoken for. In addition, just over 160 teams have qualified in toto.

If you are planning on attending but haven't registered, please consider doing so in the near future. We don't want anybody to suffer any painful surprises by waiting too long.

On the other hand, there certainly is quite a bit of time (and about 80 spots) remaining. Not every team that qualifies will register, and some of the state championships will be won by teams that have already qualified. So, there's no need to be alarmed, but also no good reason to wait if you've got the invitation, the player commitment, and the money.

Teams can register here:


NAQT will begin accepting wildcard and standby requests on February 1.

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Is North Kansas City one of those 41 teams, or do I need to get on my coach's case?
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