Rickards Spring QB Tournament (2/16/08) Tallahassee, FL

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Rickards Spring QB Tournament (2/16/08) Tallahassee, FL

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Dear Brain Bowl Coaches,

It’s that time of year again! James S. Rickards High School will be hosting its Spring Invitational on Saturday, February 16th, and we’d be excited if your school could attend. We want this to be the premier competition for everyone, so schools are encouraged to bring multiple teams so that everyone can play. The competition will be held at Rickards High (3013 Jim Lee Rd. Tallahassee, FL) and registration will be $100 per team, with $10 off for each fully functional buzzer set each school can provide – We really need and appreciate these. As always, we will be selling all 12 packets of questions for $20 after the tournament is over, though we encourage you to include it in your entry check. A lunch (on Saturday) of pizza, chips and drinks will be provided for a paltry sum ($4.99), or can be obtained from various off-campus sources.

As always, this will be an official NAQT tournament. We will be using Invitational Series 73A, so please make sure that you have not already played this set (specifically teams from Georgia). This means that the top four teams at our tournament will earn a berth to go to NAQT Nationals in Chicago. We will separate our teams into JV and Varsity divisions based on grade. In order to be eligible for JV division you must be a 10th grader or younger, though students that are more competitive are encouraged to play in Varsity.

All teams are guaranteed to play at least seven round robin matches, and we will have single elimination playoffs after lunch on Saturday.

The deadline for an RSVP is Friday, February 8, 2008. Please include:
*How many teams will be coming from your school
*How many total people expecting to eat the Rickards-provided lunch will be coming
*How many sets of buzzers your team can provide
*Anything special we need to know (e.g. Disabilities for which to plan, inability to stay past 5 P.M. on Saturday, inability to be at Rickards before 6 P.M on Friday, etc.) – The more pressing these issues are, the more in advance we need your RSVP, or at least contact, for some issues may preclude attendance.

You may RSVP via email to [email protected]

NOTE: (FYI) – The date of the tournament is NOT an ACT or SAT Test date!

We hope your school can attend!


Mary Laba, Sponsor
Martha Ray, Sponsor,
Saiem Gilani, Club President
Allan Long, Club Vice President and tournament director
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Not that you should be surprised, but this tournament was canceled due to "conflicting schedules."