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Re: 2008 QU NAC discussion and comment

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 5:53 pm
by Howard
everyday847 wrote:If your insights aren't in the mainstream, and your observations might not be important to the one receiving them, isn't your only bet to post them publicly, in hopes of reaching people who ARE receptive?
If we presume I'm trying to affect change, then yes, that's true. In most cases that I provide feedback, I mostly have the attitude that I'm giving the TD my thoughts, and leave it up to the TD to decide whether those things fit into changing or improving the tournament in the future. If there's something I really don't like, I'm much more likely to vote with my (team's) feet than presume to tell the organizer what type of event should be run.

As an example, I've nothing but positive experiences in tournaments with which Bill Tressler has been involved. Despite the fact his typical sites are a half to one hour farther than most local tournaments, I'd probably attend his tournament rather than a local one on the same date for which I have a distaste.