NSC All-Star Game proceeds announcement

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NSC All-Star Game proceeds announcement

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The tradition of the PACE NSC has been our all-star game, with proceeds from me being donated to the Georgetown Day School Benjamin Cooper memorial fund early on. More recently those funds were returned back to PACE from reimbursement costs for the NSC incurred by me. Since the all-star game is run in PACE format, there is a possibility that $100.00 would be donated if the combined team score reached 1000 points. (Basically it's a dime per point donation.)

As a result of the 2008 NSC All-Star Game, I decided this year to donate the earned pot to the Brain Tumor Society. One of our own (Tricia Southard) is a survivor of a brain tumor, and we celebrated her 4th year of being disease-free. Contributing to this decision was the recent news of Senator Ted Kennedy's diagnosis and subsequent treatment at Duke Med (where I had once worked) and my own teaching expertise on cell/molecular biology and its association with oncogenesis. (For those of us involved in higher ed, Sen. Kennedy has always been a proponent for higher education funding, and there are a couple of people who I know who worked for Sen. Kennedy as science policy advisors.) As I also teach my students, many of the treatments we have for cancers do not seem to work as effectively for individuals between ages 20 and 50.

I encourage anyone in the quiz bowl community (among those who are able) to contribute to the Brain Tumor Society in the amount of at least $72.50 (I think that's the amount this year) on behalf of PACE, in honor of Tricia and by association Ben Cooper (of which Tricia chairs our Cooper Awards committee). Or you may honor Sen Kennedy or any others whom you know who have been affected by astrocytomas or gliomas of this type.

As participants or facilitators of such a "brainy" activity, in my opinion, there are few other charitable causes that I feel should be appropriate for this community, especially in light of current events.
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Re: NSC All-Star Game proceeds announcement

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