Player name pronunciation

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Deckard Cain
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Re: Player name pronunciation

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Most people pronounce my last name right, but it's two syllables, the last of which is pronounced "-born" as opposed to "-burn."
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Marble-faced Bristle Tyrant
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Re: Player name pronunciation

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A lot of times people say Bilimoría, emphasizing the fourth syllable, when it's really the third that gets stressed. Sometimes they omit the last i altogether: Bilimora and sometimes the second one as well: Bilmora.

Let's not even get started with spelling. When we had that car accident on the way to NAQT sectionals, I had to repeat just the first letter of my name about five times when the police officer was filling out the form with our names (I was watching him write). "Name?" "Farrah. F... F... F... F... F... " God.

Oh, and it was really awesome when class rolls back in elementary school were misspelled, and award certificates at the end of the year, too. There's absolutely no excuse for that sort of thing to happen.

fsb, who grew up hating her name. Darn Indian father.
Farrah Bilimoria
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Sonic the Hedgehog and the Fox
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Re: Player name pronunciation

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Now, my name may look simple to pronounce. I've always thought it so. But no matter where I go, there's always someone who can mess it up.

Rafe. RAYF. It rhymes with SAFE. Or, it could be RACE. with an "f" swapped for the "c". You wouldn't believe how many people over the years (and at various quizbowl tournaments and such) who have made me into a Basque nobleman by adding an "é" to the end of my name.

Rafé! (cue latin trumpet flare)

It makes me feel like I should be bullfighting.

Haddox. HAD-IX. Ix, like the planet in Dune that has many new machines, which are better than those on Richese. Not "Haddock", like the fish, or "HAD-OX", as if someone lost their livestock on the Green River in Oregon Trail.
Rafe Haddox
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