Panasonic renamed

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Panasonic renamed

Post by kcommo »

According to its Web site (Now ... ions/ntae/), the DisneyWorld-based national tournament has officially returned to its old name, the National Tournament of Academic Excellence. I can only guess that means the supposition about Panasonic pulling out is now official.

That have announced dates for next year (June 13-16), at the Contemporary as usual, but I imagine its going to be a huge challenge to hold the tournament even at the current price without major new sponsorship.
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Re: Panasonic renamed

Post by Byko »

Panasonic used to cover the cost of two hotel rooms for four nights for each team, which would add up to something like $1,600. I wonder how that will end up.

But yeah, I have some real concerns about the future of this tournament right now.
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Re: Panasonic renamed

Post by First Chairman »

I only have concerns for the national event unless otherwise mentioned. I have no clue how this affects the state championships, but I'll admit economic times are tough.
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Re: Panasonic renamed

Post by vcuEvan »

Maybe this means it will finally be a tournament, academic, and excellent.
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Re: Panasonic renamed

Post by harpersferry »

Maybe I should re-draft my letter telling Panasonic not to pull the plug...
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Re: Panasonic renamed

Post by Sen. Estes Kefauver (D-TN) »

All I care about is getting my $2,000.
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Re: Panasonic renamed

Post by NoahMinkCHS »

Maybe one day a real quizbowl tournament can get corporate sponsorship...
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Re: Panasonic renamed

Post by cornfused »

Which reminds me, I need to talk to the folks at the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation about sponsoring something.
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