WJIAT (2/14/09) at Bethesda, MD

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Re: WJIAT (2/14/09) at Bethesda, MD

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I too would like to congragulate Daichi and the WJ team for an excellent tournament. The questions were some of the most interesting question I have heard that are not peculiarly difficult. While I was not totally statasfied with some of the moderators we had in the playoffs, overall the tournament was run efficiently and competently. Certainly, finishing 11 games before 6 is no mean feat.
Other than that, I guess my only regret is that we never played "Q&C A".
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Re: WJIAT (2/14/09) at Bethesda, MD

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I'm glad to hear that people generally had a positive experience at this tournament. I know there were some logistical mistakes that I could have avoided simply by planning more throughly, so I'd like to apologize for my oversight. I'm slightly disappointed in myself, not because ending the tournament around 5:45 is any worse than average, but because one of my goals today was to empirically prove that pyramidal quizbowl tournaments with more than 10 rounds can finish before 4:30 when they are done right. I would attribute 30 minutes off the schedule to my carelessness and 45 minutes to the lack of moderator training - both problems that we can solve through more meticulous planning. I will pass on the lessons I learned today to my next Tournament Director so that next year, we can actually run the on-schedule tournament that we promised.

With that said, I think this tournament was still pretty good, both logistically and question-wise. I'd like to thank everyone who made it possible: most importantly, our co-writers at Hunter, who probably wrote more than 70% of the entire set, and the college players who helped playtest and edit the set; the moderators, especially Andre Joutz, Mrs. Bykowski, Mr. Iams, Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Newman, Mr. Chrzanowski from CR, Mr. Gilbert from Howard, and Cameron's mother from Q&C; Matt Weiner for his advices on how to moderate; Kuo-Kai Chin, who was extremely helpful and resourceful throughout the day and took over as TD when I had to moderate; Ophir, who finished up the stats for us; and the teams, for helping us run on time by answering tossups early. Thanks!

The final rankings, despite whatever you may have seen KK post, is the following:
1. Gov; 2. TJ A; 3. Gonzaga; 4. Monroe; 5. GDS A; 6. Whitman A
7. Shady Side; 8. Centennial; 9. TJ B; 10. RM A; 11. TJ C; 12. Blair A
(7th, 9th, and 11th places were determined by forfeits.)

In case anyone was wondering, we gave an automatic-win to teams for their game against Quint & Cameron or SCAB (Calvert Hall B); in other words, we treated Gonzaga as 5-0, Centennial as 4-1, and TJ C as 3-2 in terms of placement in playoffs.

I think that's all I have to say about this event. If you have private comments to make, in particular about the moderators or the questions, please e-mail me at izumickk at hotmail.com or find me on facebook.


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Re: WJIAT (2/14/09) at Bethesda, MD

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Tower Monarch wrote:
Caesar Rodney HS wrote:We did pretty decent it seemed (13th before consolations or something?) so i'm happy with that.
Yeah, these guys did well. I am wondering why they were not the team to be bumped up to the top playoffs when our team was removed as they probably would have fit better among the 9-11 teams than the 14-16 ones.
Thanks for the compliment... but look at it this way: who would you have taken off the top 12 for us to move up there? It was TJ C that was the "12th" team per se, due to their loss to you they were "granted" the 3-2 record which is fair, i think.

Eh, it would have been nice for us to make a bracket playoffs (not counting single-elim ones) for the first time... hm, well, since the team was resurrected 3 years ago... but it wouldn't have been too much fun to have pretty much 5-6 guaranteed losses before we left. Ha, maybe one day we'll feel like challenging ourselves, but for now we'll take the standing we got (besides, we lost to Wilson anyway, putting Wilson/CR/RM B all at 1-2 if you include the 3 losses to Q&C... circle of death???).
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Re: WJIAT (2/14/09) at Bethesda, MD

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This was a really fun tournament and it was totally worth the drive. I'd like to thank Daichi and everyone at WJ and Hunter for a really awesome set and good direction. It was a good thing to see how SSA compares to nationally competitive teams, and it was nice to finally play/meet some people. Congratulations to Gov and TJ (those were 2 really fun games, even though you all killed us) on a really good tournament. Also, Matt and Chuhern: like, I knew you two were good, but those were two really great performances. So, in conclusion, this was really awesome.
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Re: WJIAT (2/14/09) at Bethesda, MD

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A quick stats note - for TJ A, Josh Hahm wasn't there for the last two games of the playoffs against James Monroe and Gov. So his GP should be 4.0.
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