Rickards High School Tournament (11/15/08) in Tallahassee

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Rickards High School Tournament (11/15/08) in Tallahassee

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I'm posting this on behalf of the Rickards team:

Dear Brain Bowl Sponsor,

Its that time again! James S. Rickards High School will be hosting its fall invitational tournament on Saturday, November 15th 2008, and we would be excited for your school to attend. The competition will be held at Rickards High (3013 Jim Lee Rd. Tallahassee, FL), we encourage schools to bring multiple teams so everyone can compete. All teams are guaranteed to play at least 6 round robin matches. Registration will be $80 per team with a $10 reduction for each fully functional buzzer set each school can provide (this would be greatly appreciated). From your response we have decided to use NAQT (IS 80A) questions for this tournament. As ussual, we will be selling all packets of questions for $20 at the tournament's end, you may include this fee in your entry payment. A lunch of pizza and chips will be provided for a sum ($4.99), or lunch may be obtained from surrounding off-campus locations.

The deadline for an RSVP is Friday, November 7th, 2008. In your RSVP Please include;
* How many teams will be coming from your school
*An estimate of people expecting to eat the Rickards-provided lunch
*How many buzzer sets your team can provide
*Any other information we need to know about your company (e.g. Disabilities of compteting players, Time restrictions) Please, the more pressing the issue the more time we will need for its accommodation.
You may RSVP via email to rickardsbrainbowl at gmail dot com AND [email protected]

We hope to see you compete!


Okechukwu Onwunli, Co-President
Omekaro Edukore, Co-President
Mary Laba, Coach
Dr. Joe Williams, Coach
850 488 1783
(fax) 850 922 7104
Saiem Gilani
Florida State '12, '1X