QB Acronyms

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QB Acronyms

Post by mlaird »

I'm going to be introducing a bunch of new moderators to mACF format at a Harvard Mirror tomorrow, and I'm trying to compose a comprehensive list of acronyms that might show up in the packets. I've got FTP, FTPE and FTSNOP (which, btw, took me like, a month to figure out what it stood for).

Anything you can contribute would be appreciated. I'm also adding anything else you guys come up with to the "FTP" article on QBWiki.

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Re: QB Acronyms

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This probably won't be in the Harvard set, but you may want to include FFPE (for 5 points each).
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Re: QB Acronyms

Post by vcuEvan »

If they were edited to ACF guidelines all the packets will say "For 10 points" so this shouldn't be too big an issue.
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Re: QB Acronyms

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Adamantium Claws wrote:If they were edited to ACF guidelines all the packets will say "For 10 points" so this shouldn't be too big an issue.
Kyle has his own aesthetic preferences which involve having "FTP" in tossups and "for ten points each" in bonuses. Also, en dashes instead of colons. So in short--for whatever reason they're not edited to ACF guidelines, but they still look pretty cool.
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Re: QB Acronyms

Post by AlphaQuizBowler »

What does FTSNOP mean?
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Re: QB Acronyms

Post by pray for elves »

AlphaQuizBowler wrote:What does FTSNOP mean?
For the stated number of points.
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Re: QB Acronyms

Post by Captain Sinico »

Yeah, FTP, FTPE, and (very rarely) FFPE and FTSNOP/FTSNP should be the only acronyms one will encounter in a quasi-modern mACF packet (i.e. one that is written to modern standards other than using acronyms.)

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