VHSL-HSAPQ Partnership

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VHSL-HSAPQ Partnership

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HSAPQ is happy to announce that we have reached a preliminary agreement with Shawn Pickrell to write the questions for the VHSL 2009-2010 regular season, district, regional, and state series. This agreement is pending on a successful vote for the VHSL Advisory Committee to move all computation questions to the directed round. If you are a current Virginia high school player or alumnus who played VHSL and you would like to make a testimonial about computational math please email your comments to Shawn Pickrell at [email protected]. Shawn will read excerpts from the testimonials at the meeting of the Advisory Committee.
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Re: VHSL-HSAPQ Partnership

Post by intothenegs »

This is incredibly amazing.
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Re: VHSL-HSAPQ Partnership

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I have done what I can for quizbowl in Virginia. But -- with the rise of HSAPQ and its immense pool of talent, I feel ready to pass on the baton of question writing.

Most importantly, I know that VHSL series competitions will be played on questions worthy of the teams competing, which are of the highest quality on all levels.

I will remain the VHSL Scholastic Bowl Commissioner. In this way, coaches, athletic directors, and administrators can continue to use my experience with the format and with assistance in scheduling and tournament set up.

I also look forward to spending more time with my family, my community, and enjoying videos such as this.


It has been a blessing to assist with quizbowl in Virginia, and I hope to continue assisting where my services are of most use.

Shawn Pickrell
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Re: VHSL-HSAPQ Partnership

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intothenegs wrote:This is incredibly amazing.
Seconding Chuhern's statement and adding that I'm glad to be young enough to benefit from this.
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Re: VHSL-HSAPQ Partnership

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Shawn, your taste in music still scares me.

That being said, this is indeed a fantastic thing to hear.
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Re: VHSL-HSAPQ Partnership

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What's left to be said that Chuhern and Sarah haven't already expressed? Uh, wow, just wow. I'm excited to be playing on HSAPQ questions next year. This will make everything better and easier for everyone.
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Re: VHSL-HSAPQ Partnership

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That's wonderful news, and I hope all the teams appreciate the change.
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Re: VHSL-HSAPQ Partnership

Post by olsb25 »

This is excellent news, especially after I had the extreme displeasure of listening to a 30 second computation question when I went back to OL to watch a match over fall break. Hopefully this encourages more teams (like my old one, for example) to branch out more and host and go to more tournaments.
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