MOHIT Discussion

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MOHIT Discussion

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So Naren finally cleared me to post the set! Go, download, discuss.
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Re: MOHIT Discussion

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For the record, the set that's been posted does not have the edits that we said we'd make. Sorry about that. If you are going to discuss the questions, please discuss the merit of the clues etc. and don't get caught up in grammatical mistakes. We know how to fix the grammar but we'd love to learn how to fix the questions.
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Re: MOHIT Discussion

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Nothing really bad, aside from the godawful Pei tossup in the first round. Pesudonyms probably came a bit early in the Kirkegarrd question, but that could just be me.
However, there seems to be a missing round. I remember that the second round was the one with the Van Gogh question, but I recall that the second round listed was there third round played.
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Re: MOHIT Discussion

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Having only read three rounds, I would say that some of the bonuses lack substantive clues. Like the Kafka bonus, for example "This Kafka work involves a missing person" and "This was Kafka's last work and has a protagonist K". A little bit more detail would be nice, particularly since Kafka has a few other "K"s, besides the one in the Castle. On the whole though, this is a strong set.
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Re: MOHIT Discussion

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For Bonus #1 Round 3, you should have said saturated instead of unsaturated for the answer of alkanes.
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