Dark Horses

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Dark Horses

Post by David Riley » Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:18 pm

Okay, we have choices for our top ten....any dark horse teams out there?
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Re: Dark Horses

Post by Kanga-Rat Murder Society » Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:35 pm

David Riley wrote:Okay, we have choices for our top ten....any dark horse teams out there?
Barrington. Those kids that performed so well at F/S and in Middle School are finally entering Varsity. I have a feeling that they will be one of the best teams in state for years to come.

Hinsdale Central: This is the best school in the Southern Suburbs, and they have a reputation for winning everything. They sent at least one kid to ACE, meaning that this team may actually be dedicated. From my personal experience, I will never count out a Hinsdale Central team that is dedicated.

Litchfield: They came in 2nd in Class A at state, and put up some big scores. Of course, the Regional scores are now gone, but if I recall correctly, they scored more points than any other other team in Class A. They return their best player, 2 time first team all state player Evan Daigle. All things considering, I am expecting a sweep of both of the Class A state championships.

Naperville Central: Maybe not a dark horse, but very underrated. This is a team that put up great stats at Huskie Bowl, besting teams such as Loyola B and Lisle (who, to be fair, also beat them once). At that tournament, they had 4 negs over 10 rounds. Teams experimenting with good quizbowl tend to be buzzer happy or buzzer shy. Lisle was buzzer happy. NC was buzzer shy. I expect this problem to clear up if they play more good quizbowl (which i expect, since they made the drive out to Dekalb). Considering they return Krystle, who scored 85% of their points, I expect them to be very good. Also, this team did make IHSA State last year, and beat Springfield. They certainly should be favored to repeat in their sectional.

I will add in more as they come to me.
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Re: Dark Horses

Post by Dresden_The_BIG_JERK » Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:44 pm

Someone in the Big Northern is always lurking...no clue who it might be this year though.
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Re: Dark Horses

Post by Irreligion in Bangladesh » Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:09 pm

Cowboy Bob Orton wrote:Someone in the Big Northern is always lurking...no clue who it might be this year though.
Doubt it. Seriously doubt it. If Coach Schnorr's gone from Byron, they're screwed, and I don't think anyone at Bago put in crazy effort this summer. Hampshire's the only other team that does anything, and they'd need an unprecedented rush of talent to jump up to the level that Byron was at last year (competitive against non-elite teams).
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