Shutting down Taft

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Shutting down Taft

Post by BuzzerZen » Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:57 pm

My inability to properly respond to Hunter's needs during Prison Bowl this past weekend has made it obvious to me that I've become Taft's absentee landlord, and I don't feel good about this. I haven't done much to improve or promote the code in a long time. Considering the monthly expense of running the server and the apparent lack of viability of charging for the service, I'm going to be closing Taft to new registrations and shutting it down sometime in the next month. I have already started crawling the tournament pages so I can download a static version of all the stats, to be hosted either on the hsqb server or some other option. I'll keep renewing the domain for at least the next couple years so as not to break links. Thanks to everyone who supported this project.
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