[2010] Links to stats for the mirrors so far

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[2010] Links to stats for the mirrors so far

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A repository for this tournament's stats, for your reference and mine.

9/11: Harvard site, won by Harvard A.

9/18: Duke site, won by North Carolina C.

9/18: RIT site, won by Cornell A. (playoff stats).

9/18: NIU site, won by Eureka College.

09/18: Delaware site, won by Penn 3 (James Lasker)

9/25: WUSTL site, won by WUSTL C.

9/25: Michigan site, won by Michigan State B. (prelim stats).

9/25: Harding site, won by Harding A.

9/25: Minnesota site, won by Minnesota A.

9/25: Berkeley site, won by Stanford A.

10/02: no stats thus far for Shorter site, won by Snead State (Mark Morris).

10/02: Waterloo site, won by Toronto

10/02: Broken link to Ottawa site, won by Ottawa "The Rhinos"

10/02: South Carolina site, won by Wofford College.

10/09: Washington site, won by UW B.

10/09: Maryland site, won by Maryland B.

10/09: Chipola site, won by UF A.

10/09: UChicago site, won by Chicago E.

10/09: UCSD site, won by UCSD A (Caltech team violated eligibility rules)
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Re: Links to stats for the mirrors so far

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Berkeley site, won by Stanford A
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Re: Links to stats for the mirrors so far

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WUSTL site. WUSTL C won.
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