Results: 2004 Chicago Open

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Results: 2004 Chicago Open

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Hello All,

Sorry for the delay in posting these. As you might know the 2004 Chicago Open was contested this past weekend with 11 teams competing. Congratulations to Living in the Cult of Blix (Jeff Hoppes, Seth Teitler, Andrew Yaphe, and Paul Litvak) for finishing 12-1 to take the title outright. Congratulations are also due to The Anti-Geography Army (Mike Sorice, Matt Weiner, Sudheer Potru, and Andrew Ullsperger) for finishing second with a record of 10-3, and to all the teams who played as this was about as challenging a field as I've ever seen. Perhaps my biggest regret about the weekend was not being able to compete against those in attendance.

Andrew Yaphe led the field in scoring with 51 ppg, and Matt Lafer (45.5), R. Hentzel (40), and Wesley Matthews (40) rounded out the top four. Full stats links are posted at the bottom, but I must thank those who made my job much easier.

Thanks to all the teams who came, particularly those who wrote packets. I'm also grateful to Kathy Moriarty, David Press, Adam Bonk, Dom Ricci, Dave Kiang, Eugene Gorodetsky, Chris Zimpleman, and Ezequiel Berdichevsky for moderating, scorekeeping, and statkeeping.

Ezequiel deserves a special thanks as he wrote me two playoff packets as well as some extra questions, thereby making the lead up to the weekend a much less stressful one than in years' past.

As I'd mentioned a while ago, those teams who wrote me packets will receive the 15 tournament rounds free of charge. I'm just about finished fixing spelling and grammar mistakes and will send those out in the next couple of days. I think I remember all those who purchased the questions this past weekend, but if you did purchase them, please send me an e-mail reminding me.

To those who would like to purchase the questions, they are $20 for 15 packets of 20-20 upper level difficulty ACF (some packets have a few more questions). Please e-mail me at suby10 at yahoo dot com if you are interested or have any other questions about the tournament.


Let me explain the tournament format so that the stats make sense. We played a full round robin, after which the teams were separated into brackets of 4, 4, and 3 (A, B, and C brackets respectively). Teams played an additional round robin within those brackets and if any team emerged with a one game or greater lead on the field, then that team was declared the winner.

1st round robin - ... dings.html

A bracket -

B bracket -

C bracket -