Manchester MUT Mirror Results

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Manchester MUT Mirror Results

Post by Kyle »

Five teams competed at a mirror of MUT hosted by the University of Manchester at the Manchester Grammar School. The MUT questions were "briticised" by Tom Whyman of Manchester, who hosted the tournament. As best as I can determine from seven time zones away, Oxford B (Edmund, Hasneen, Kara, George S) seems to have won the tournament by going 8-2.

I am told that, at the halfway point, all five teams were either 3-2 or 2-3. Consequently, I don't know who finished second or what that team's record was. I do know that Oxford A (Peter B, Maris, Simon, Aaron) ended up 6-4 after splitting their games with Oxford B and losing twice to Manchester and once to Sheffield. Oxford B's second loss was to the chimera team of two Oxford players and one Southampton player. We know from this description that Manchester (playing without Tom Whyman, obviously) had at least three losses, since they had at least two by lunchtime and then lost again to Oxford B. Sheffield must have had at least four losses, since they beat Oxford A in the morning, meaning they lost at least twice in the morning and then to both Oxford teams in the afternoon. Beyond that, I don't know. I sent Tom the link to SQBS, so I hope there will be stats.

Thanks to Tom and Manchester for putting on the tournament, to Manchester Grammar School for allowing their facilities to be used, and to Minnesota for writing the set and allowing Manchester to mirror it. I am told that everybody had a good time.

EDIT -- You know what? None of these records makes sense unless there was a sixth team. I think there might actually have been six teams.

EDIT 2 -- So Manchester decided to enter a B team, which then beat the A team at least once. This sounds like a bizarre tournament.

EDIT 3 -- I am told that the final placement of the top three was Oxford B, Manchester A, and Oxford A
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Re: Manchester MUT Mirror Results

Post by Edmund »

This is pretty much all an accurate representation of the facts. Oxford B won with 8-2 and both Manchester A and Oxford A were 6-4.

This was a very enjoyable tournament. It was a sunny day and a great pleasure to attend a tournament hosted outside Oxford. Tom Whyman TD'd with aplomb and his Briticisation of the set was gratefully received. Thanks are obviously also due to the Minnesota compilers of the set.

Neither Manchester nor Oxford entered ranked teams so "A" and "B" are purely designatory. Due to the smaller than hoped for field, Manchester Grammar School wound up not hosting and the University of Manchester Catholic Chaplaincy must be thanked in their stead - they were particularly patient with us repeatedly walking through the back of a Carmelite prayer meeting on our way between match rooms.

edit: Stats.
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Re: Manchester MUT Mirror Results

Post by T.Whyman »

I'd just like to thank everyone for coming, and thank Kyle for all his advice on running the tournament. An auspicious start to the UK quizbowl scene outside of Oxford.

My one regret re: Briticising the packets (except perhaps the Nick Griffin bonus that in hindsight didn't really give any definite clues) is that I thoughtlessly inserted a set of bonuses that asked for "Aristotle" as an answer two bonus sets down from a set about Aristotle's Poetics that also asked for "Aristotle" as an answer. So if anyone was wondering about that, it was completely my fault and not Minnesota's. In general though I think the questions went down well and people seemed to be enjoying themselves. And, the field, even if smaller than we might have liked, was very competitive: Pan-Everything may have come bottom, but they still beat Oxford B along the way (and with only three players).

The quiz society even contrived not to lose any money on the tournament, although a bunch of us did blow a fortune on offal afterwards.
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Re: Manchester MUT Mirror Results

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T.Whyman wrote:...although a bunch of us did blow a fortune on offal afterwards.
Best post-tournament dinner ever.
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Re: Manchester MUT Mirror Results

Post by Susan »

Ukonvasara wrote:
T.Whyman wrote:...although a bunch of us did blow a fortune on offal afterwards.
Best post-tournament dinner ever.
Seriously, you guys sound like a good time. I hope you make it to some tournaments Stateside at some point!
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