ACF Fall Editing Service

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ACF Fall Editing Service

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Hey All,

Before it gets too late, I wanted to announce a service I am willing to offer teams that submit their packets by the no-penalty deadline.

If you request, I'll be more than happy to provide you a detailed and (hopefully) constructive breakdown of what changes were made to your packet and why they were made. I'd also like the process to be interactive, so I'll be more than willing to respond to any questions or disagreements you have with my comments.

We want teams to see what they are doing wrong so that they can minimize those mistakes in the future, and we also want to praise many of the things that question writers do well so that they get the reinforcement that that they deserve but do not often hear.

The idea, and chief ulterior motive, is to pump some new blood into today's question submission circuit and equip some teams with guidelines gleaned from first-hand experience (not some online guide) to run their own packet submission tournaments in the near future.

I won't promise immediate or even prompt turnaround for those that want this feedback, but my goal is to have the information back to you no later than two months after the completion of ACF Fall.

Anyway, if you're interested in this service, please indicate as much when you submit your packet, or e-mail me if you've already submitted one. Remember I'll only do this for those packets that get in before the no-penalty deadline.

You can e-mail me at [email protected]

I believe that a similar program will be instituted for ACF Regionals, but I'll let the editors for that tournament confirm.


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